National Freerunning Competition And Jam

The phenomenal and insane theory of parkour. Keeping the ecstasy of something bigger, this year we have brought you a race within the legacy of parkour. Nowadays you see a lot of sports awareness campaign in the country this can be a giant example and witness of something bigger. Herby, we are bringing all parkour under one roof.

As this is a national parkour competition and jam in March 2019, so welcome to all parkour athlete around the country.

International Free Running Experts


Parkour | Freerunning


Parkour | Freerunning


Parkour | Freerunning

Style Run

Online Qualifiers

Those who want to participate should be of minimum age 16 and more. All you have to do is submit your freerunning video here to showcase your skill, 14 will select in terms of execution, flow, technical difficulty, creativity, and overall performance.

Submission date till 18th march 2019 and last date for online registration is 20th march 2019

Onsite Qualifier

Qualifier round will be on 23rd march 2019, among them 10 will get a chance to participate with same terms as online by seeing their execution, flow, technical difficulty, creativity, and overall performance.

Any early enrolling 8 women athlete age 16 and more will get direct entry and we will be holding two rounds among them 3 will be a winner.

Selection mapping:

We divided 50 points in following categories
Creativity 10 points
Technical difficulty 10 points
Flow 10 points
Execution 10 points
Overall 10 points

Speed run

One who will cover a given obstacle path in a minimum instant will be a winner. All male and women athlete can participate in this category.

Parkour league 2019 - Schedule